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How to Use Overthinking to Your Advantage


Overthinking is something that introverts and HSPs are really good at. It’s one of our specialties. Give us any situation and we can go crazy overanalyzing it and thinking about it from all possible angles. Telling us to stop thinking so much would be like trying to tell us to stop breathing. It’s just what we do.

Having a tendency to overthink things is great if you’re in a creative writing class and you have to come up with possible scenarios for what might happen to a character in a story. But . . . it’s not always so great when it comes to real life.

Unfortunately, about 99% of the time our overthinking tends to go in a negative direction. We overanalyze all of the “what ifs?” or we read too closely into someone’s tone of voice or expression and worry that they might be upset with us.Continue Reading